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"The In School Music Together program has become one of the highlights of our week. My daughter really loves her teacher and is super excited about the songs she is learning at school. I am so grateful the program is available at her school." Samuel, Dad of Maya.

"Music Together has enhanced our lives more than I could have imagined, thank you! Every morning her reason for getting out of bed is to "dance, dance!" We had such a good time." Margarete, Mom of Morgan.

"Music Together at my daughter’s school has been a really wonderful experience for our family. I love that the music comes home, I don’t own a CD player anymore but I am able to still use the download code to access the music." Andrea, Mom to Ashley.

"I had no idea there was a music program at my son's school. I was so surprised to hear him singing the songs and finding the program materials in his backpack after the first day of school. I Love this program so much." Cynthia, Mom to Carter.

"We have become a musical family because of this in school music program. I’m no singer but these songs are so easy to get into and we have so much fun with it." Brenda, Mom to Luke.

"During Covid, we were able to join the secret facebook group to get weekly music classes and content. We needed that sense of normalcy. I love the calming effect of the music." Renette, Mom of Basha.

"I have been enjoying the hello everybody app. It's so convenient to listen to my music on the go. I really love this program and intend to continue listening and accessing the music even after my son graduates kindergarten and goes into a higher grade at school." Bob, Dad of Mikey.