Terms, Conditions and Policies

Terms, Conditions and Policies

We are so excited that you will be joining us for our upcoming semester and will have the opportunity to experience our wonderful program.
We have put a few terms, conditions and policies in place to let you know what to expect as you participate in our Music
Together® Mixed Ages classes.

Please Note The Following Program Policies:                                                  Printer Version
In registering below, you acknowledge and agree to the following:

In consideration of my child’s participation in Bracy's Music Together, I hereby waive and release, on behalf of myself, my child or children, and any participating caregiver or relative accompanying my child or children, Bracy's Music Together, Leisl Bracy, and its / her respective employees, representatives and agents and all other related entities from and against any and all liability, loss, damage, injury, claim, cost or expense of any kind arising out of or in connection with the participation or attendance in this program.

Make-Up Policy 
Unlimited Make-up classes are allowed for each registered child and can be scheduled online.  The only requirement is that Make-Up classes must be taken during the current enrolled semester. Unused make up classes cannot be rolled over to the next semester. Please be sure to cancel your make-up in a timely manner if you are not able to attend. This allows for others to use the limited spaces for make-ups.

No Refund Policy
Please note that there are NO TUITION REFUNDS   after classes have started. If your circumstances have changed and you are no longer able to attend, credit will be given towards a future semester.

Cancellation Policy
If you withdraw for any reason before classes begins, the tuition fee, less a non-refundable registration processing fee of $40.00 will be refunded. The tuition payment cannot be refunded after classes begin.

Demonstration Class Policy
You may schedule and attend ONLY 1 free demo class session per family/child, prior to registering for the program. After classes have started, demo slots will be limited to 2 per class, so we respectfully ask that if you have already attended a demo, please allow another family the opportunity to experience it as well. 

Classroom Policy
Music Together’s primary goal is to support children’s music development (specifically, tonal and rhythmic competence), but it also supports children’s simultaneous development in other domains essential to their growth such as language development, cognitive growth, emotional growth, social growth and physical development. In other words, Music Learning Supports All Learning®. You, the parents/ caregivers/ are the role models for your child in the classroom, therefore we respectfully ask that you participate to the best of your ability. Sing, dance, move and enjoy at your individual comfort level. Remember this is not a skills competition or an audition for American Idol. Regardless of how you voice sounds, or how you think it sounds, it's beautiful to your child. So please actively participate and your child will too!

Music Together classes are a great way to meet new people and foster wonderful friendships. However, we respectfully ask that you please refrain from "talking with other adults" while class is in session as this can be very distracting to the teacher.

Cell Phones
Please put all phones on "silent" and if you must take a call, please step outside the general classroom area and come back in when you are done talking.

Pictures During Class
Pictures are wonderful, we love them and we understand that they are essential to updating your Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms and ours too, but taking pictures while class is in session can be very distracting to the teacher. Therefore, we respectfully ask that you take your shots before the class start or/and after the class has ended.

Photo/Video Release
At various times during the semester, Bracy's Music Together may take photographs or videos before or after class of parents and students for use in advertising or marketing in print, broadcast, digital or internet formats. Anyone who wants to participate will be required to sign a photo/ video release giving us permission to use their image.

Please encourage your child to use "Walking Feet". When one child starts to run, it encourages other children to join in, and then we have a class full of runners, a very unsafe environment where a child can get hurt, a distracted teacher and distracted parents trying to get their children under control. In the event that your child do "run" you can playfully pick up your child and swing him/her to the beat, redirecting the child's attention by engaging  him or her musically as you make your way back to the class circle.

Food or Drinks
Absolutely no food, drinks or snacks are allowed in the classroom, except for water bottles.

Moving Away From The Circle Is OK
Because every child is different, it's very common for there to be different learning styles in the classroom. A child may walk away from the circle and "seem" distracted and uninterested and a parent may think, "this class is so wrong for my child, he/she is not engaged" then several days later that child may be humming the tune of one of the songs at home, and the parent might then think, "OH, so he/she was actually absorbing the music'. If your child moves away from the circle, it's perfectly OK. We encourage and allow children to experience the music at their own level and in their own way.

Inclement Weather Cancellations
Bracy's Music Together follows NYC Public School policy with regard to weather cancellations. Should public schools close due to inclement weather, our classes will be closed as well. Semester extensions due to these cancellations will be confirmed via email and posted on our Facebook page.