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What is Music Together?

Music Together is a research based music and movement program for children ages Birth through 8. 

 There are many applications of Music Together like: 

  •  Family classes (Babies, Mixed-age, Generations, and Threes/Fours), 
  •  Rhythm Kids 
  • In-School Music Together 
  •  Music Within Therapy

Which Application of Music Together are we offering?

Bracy’s Music Together is Licensed by our parent company Music Together Worldwide to offer the In-School Music Together program curriculum to all interested schools.

What age range is perfect for In-School Music Together?

We support students from Birth through Pre Kindergarten all the way up to 2nd grade. We also work with babies and toddlers in many nursery school settings.

Where is Music Together practiced?

The Music Together program is offered in over 3,000 communities and 40 countries worldwide. Through its parent-child, preschool, and outreach programs, both at home and abroad, Music Together is dedicated to offering the benefits and joys of music making to as many families as possible.

What makes Music Together® different?

Research. Music Together was first offered to the public in 1987 and pioneered the concept of a research-based, developmentally appropriate early childhood music curriculum. Today classes are offered all over the world including a lab school in Princeton, New Jersey. Ongoing research at the lab school, as well as the research of others, continually informs Music Together’s work on program content and development, varied applications of the program, and teacher training. Everything we do in class has an educational purpose. Just ask one of our highly trained teachers. Go to Research and Articles page to learn more.

I’m interested in bringing this program to my school. What are my next steps?

  • Step 1. Reserve your spot on my calendar for a Free 15-30 minute phone consultation. Let’s chat and see if it's a fit and if we align with your schools’ core values. 
  • Step 2. Read, Agree and Sign our contracts. 
  • Step 3. Pay for your curriculum materials. 
  • Step 4. A Music Together Trained Specialist will be assigned to your school. 
  • Step 5. Work with us to create and set a weekly schedule that works best with your staff and students. 
  • Step 6. Begin weekly 30 minute classes for each participating classroom at your school.

What is the total academic yearly cost of your program? And What should I expect to get?

  • For an average class of 18 students you can expect to pay $4,000 per participating classroom. 
  • This is inclusive of the tuition for 30 weekly sessions that run from September through June and sometimes well into July if there are make-up classes for any reason.
  • The cost of curriculum materials. 
  • Weekly parent music education emails sent to your school to be forwarded to parents. 
  • Access to the Hello Everybody app
  •  The ability to create a family music zone account for even more resources and support, and most importantly,
  • Support for your classroom teachers in their efforts to continue the music making process throughout the regular school day.

How can I show that my school is offering the Music Together program curriculum to prospective parents when they are searching their options online?

Each school has the option to display a logo on their website. See Picture for reference.

Are your contracts ongoing? Am I locked in or do I have the option to cancel penalty free?

Our contracts automatically renew with each new academic year. If you need to cancel, please put it in writing and send us an email of your intentions at least 1 month before the end of the current academic year. This is necessary so we can alert our printers to produce less curriculum materials ahead of time and avoid potential waste. There's no fee or penalty to cancel.

My school used your curriculum in the past and cancelled, we are looking to restart now. What's the procedure? Do we pick up where we left off or start anew?

Our program materials are constantly under review for context and quality and are regularly updated. If there is a break in your service, you will need to start the process all over again with a new contract and setup procedures. There's no extra cost to restart the program.

What if I don't like the Music Together Specialist that has been assigned to my school?

Each person is uniquely different and their teaching style may often reflect that. All we ask is that you recognize that even though you may not vibe with the teacher, that doesn't mean she/he isn't delivering quality service to the best of their ability within the specialist training guidelines set forth by Music Together Worldwide.

My classroom teachers are unsure of their role during your sessions, what should I tell them?

All classroom teachers are expected to participate during the sessions, it's not the time to sit off to the side and let the specialist manage the entire classroom of students. It’s an opportunity to participate, model to the students, observe, learn skills and techniques to incorporate music education into other everyday parts of teaching.

Are you on Social Media?

Yes we are, please encourage your school, staff and parents to connect with us to keep up on music education and its benefits on young children and brain development? You can connect with us on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Tiktok.

One of my teachers or a parent lost their CD, download code or songbook. Can I order another one?

Currently enrolled families in a Music Together class or preschool program may order replacement or extra copies of song collection CDs or songbooks by emailing

How long are the classes?

Each class runs for 30 minutes and classes meet once per week per participating class.

Are you guaranteeing 30 weekly sessions per academic year per participating classroom?

We have no control over the weather, shutdown mandates, teachers being absent due to illness or unforeseen family emergencies, but we always do our best to deliver the set amount of classes even if those sessions run into the months of July or August.

What is your vendor status?

Bracy’s Music Together is a registered active vendor with the NYC DOE and is approved to do business with any DOE funded or non- funded public, private school, UPK, 3K program provider.

Not seeing your question here?

We are more than happy to answer any questions or address any concerns. 

Please send us an email at

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