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Helping Children Grow

Singing and dancing with children is so much fun, it’s easy to overlook how much they’re learning in the process. Gaining basic music skills is one of the most obvious benefits of our early childhood music program, but there are other, less obvious benefits of music for children, too. It turns out that learning music also supports social, emotional, cognitive, and physical development. Read about the benefits of music for every age and stage.

Dad Dancing with His Young Daughter Image

Strengthening Relationships

Grownups enjoy Music Together® classes as much as kids do! Our no-work, all-play classes give families time to relax and have fun together, a gift for busy parents and caregivers who have fewer and fewer opportunities for family time. Our classes strengthen bonds between families, too. Sharing experiences that touch the heart brings everyone closer as a community.

Broadening Horizons

Walt Disney was right—it is a small world after all! Because all people share the universal language of music and movement, another of the benefits of Music Together is exposure to a rich, diverse song mix that represents many different musical styles and traditions. Our classes broaden families’ horizons by inviting them to take a musical spin around the globe and to get to know cultures other than their own.