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Bracy's Music Together is an active verified NYC DOE vendor and is qualified to provide services to NYC Public and Private schools.

Welcome to Music Together

As the principal, leader or director of a pre kindergarten school, it's so important to be able to offer top quality extra curricular programs to your students which will set you apart from other pre schools.


Do you identify with any of these?

  • You’d like to be able to offer a quality and enriching arts curriculum to students. 
  • You aren't sure which music program will offer benefits that encompasses the whole child. 
  • You feel confused about the benefits of other music programming. 
  • It's just too frustrating to sift through various programs to find one that resonates with not only your school staff but also your students and their parents.
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I understand how frustrating it can be to find just the right program that your students will love and get the most benefit from.

Why do you need our program?

  • Music Together has been around for over 30 years and is offered in over 40 countries worldwide and is backed by research that supports the belief that this curriculum is beneficial to the whole child. 
  • We've done our homework. Our early childhood music curriculum has decades of research behind it, in both music education and child development. 
  • We know what we’re talking about, and we’re good at what we do! And because we recognize that children learn through play, we make everything we do in class engaging and fun. 
  • We are leaders in both music education and child development. 
  • It's very affordable for the quality that's being provided.

See a class in action

Get the benefit from the knowledge that your school is above average and make parents feel excited and motivated about enrolling their children at your school.

Schedule a Consultation

Here are the steps to getting started

  • Step 1. Reserve your spot on my calendar for a Free 15-30 minute phone consultation. Let’s chat and see if it's a fit and if we align with your schools’ core values. 
  •  Step 2. Read, Agree and Sign our contracts. 
  •  Step 3. Pay for your Curriculum Materials and Tuition 
  •  Step 4. A Music Together Trained Specialist will be assigned to your school. 
  •  Step 5. Work with us to create and set a weekly schedule that works best with your staff and students. 
  •  Step 6. Begin weekly 30 minute classes for each participating classroom at your school. 

We aim to deliver 30 weekly sessions per participating classroom each academic year and we will work with you to schedule any make-up sessions due to any unforeseen circumstances like inclement weather, absent teacher, field trips etc.

Your school also gets the ability to display the In-school Music Together logo on your website which shows your affiliation with our program. See the logo on the FAQ page.

Schedule your call today, let's chat and find out if our program is right for your school.

 Have more questions and want to learn more? Check out our FAQ page.

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